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Project Information

From the description I sent to the SF staff:

The software will provide access to the computer system by (infrared) remote
control, for use in e.g. DIY home cinemas. The goal is to provide as complete
system control as possible, while remaining intuitive to use with the scarce
buttons available on a remote control.

The software will (at least) be able to:
- Open/close files/applications;
- Graphically browse files;
- Have image slideshow capabilities;
- Simple filesystem manipulation (copy, move, delete);
- Anything useful I or someone else can dream up.

The only serious previous work of this type that I know of is Girder,
which is (1) only for Windows (2) commercial and (3) buggy and user-unfriendly.

- Python/wxWidgets(wxPython)/Twisted, which means the software should be fairly
  portable to other platforms.
- Currently, (Win)LIRC is supported as the infrared interpreter, available on
  both Windows and *NIX.    

Getting it

Version 0.1.1 has just been released. Available as Python source, or binary for Windows. Fully end-user configurable.

Running it

Required: Recommended: If you have the source distribution, you can dive into the conf subdirectory to configure various settings of the browser (among them, the remote buttons used to control it).

Using it

You'll need an infrared receiver. You can make an IR receiver yourself if you want. It's fairly cheap (around €3-€8, should be about the same in USD), and not too hard either. I did it and usually I'm no good at practical things.

After that, go to lirc.org to download and install a definition file for your remote (or write one yourself -- more on that in the near future).

Here's a small list of programs that interoperate with (Win)LIRC:

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